I work in Program Design and Management to enable lower wealth individuals and families to achieve economic mobility, in turn enabling them to drive the development of thriving communities.

On a service level, I provide resourcing and coaching to individuals, as well as engage in community organizing.

At the system level, I design programs and organizational processes to drive measurable outcomes, strategically plan and manage projects, and involve a diverse group of stakeholders in effective collaborations. I focus on building systems that simplify decision-making and enable collective action.

At an industry level, I aim to facilitate companies that create financial tools and apps to center working-class families in their design decisions.

Prior to social impact work, I led user experience and product teams at early-stage startups and mature organizations since 2010.

I value collaborations with people who are dedicated to creating beneficial outcomes. I always look to develop special working relationships that are motivating, mission-driven, supportive, and full of humor.

Get in touch

I’m based in San Francisco, CA. If you would like to connect, send me an e-mail.